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Jose Mourinho explains why he shook the hands of Antonio Conte despite a running feud

Man Utd's Jose Mourinho has spoken out as to why he could not ignore shaking the hands of his Chelsea counterpart and rival, Antonio Conte, at Old Trafford. Mourinho ensured no further questions are asked about his running feud with Antonio Conte, by walking over to the Chelsea boss to perform the handshake rituals expected of football managers. It seemed both coaches would fight dirty, with Conte leading his Chelsea side to Old Trafford, following a history of altercation between the duo but Mourinho buried the hatchet with the man he lambasted for match fixing during his time at Italian side Siena. Jose Mourinho explained that there was need for Antonio Conte and himself to move on from their feud and respect each other as top managers. More emphatically Jose Mourinho said that Conte and himself are not 'ordinary people in football.' The more reason for mutual respect between the two rivals. 'That is what me and Antonio want to show everyone. The han

Protest Power, the Uniben Five, and the Tyranny of a Vice Chancellor by David Ademule

The Uniben Five. ©Facebook/David Ademule "Freedom is never voluntarily given by the oppressor, it must be demanded by the oppressed." Martin Luther King, Jr. The world we live in today is, frankly, shaped by protests, by the voices of people who refused to melt away under the blazing fire of oppression. In fact, no human civilization has progressed beyond its protests. The vehicle of progress in any society is fueled by the oil of protests. There are thousands of instances in history where protests  shaped the destiny of a people, giving hope to generations yet unborn. America is largely free today from racial discrimination and segregation because a woman named Rosa Parks protested. She stood for her rights by sitting down and refusing to vacate her seat for a white woman. Martin Luther King and other people of good conscience would later lead protests and marches against racial segregation until the American supreme court declared it unconstitutional. It is now hi

Special Valentine's day gifts that would melt her heart by Francis Onyema

Making a decision on perfect Valentine's day gifts for your girlfriend could be a little bit difficult regardless how long you'd known her or you both had dated.  It is the same for couples who are legally married. The husband is left to ponder on which Valentine gifts to lavish on the wife. It is indeed a magical moment of love that you really wanna reignite the lovely passion you continually share. Obviously your goal is to get best romantic Valentine gifts for her and most often you want that to come as a surprise. But you do not know that Valentine's day romantic gifts to make her fall deeply in love with you, even more. I interviewed my best male friends on what Valentine's day gift ideas they had in mind to lavish on their girlfriends, and I got all sorts of funny replies. The most remarkable reply I got was from my buddy, Caleb, who sarcastically said that he doesn't even bother his head with buying romantic Valentine day gift for her; after all Ni