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Attention! The Nigerian Legislative Arm

Francis Onyema Dear Distinguished Lawmakers, It is important to remind you, once again, that the Legislature is supposed to be the symbol of our democracy, yet, it is one institution that has held us back in many ways. This is given the fact that the interests of the ruling class have become more sacrosanct in the discharge of your legislative duties, as lawmakers of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, over the interests of the common Nigerian masses. The summon of the IGP over the “undignified" manner the Police treated Senator Dino Melaye, despite the ongoing massacre of the Benue people for more than 12 months, ascertains this claim. Meanwhile, today, President Muhammadu Buhari demystified the mystery that has held us back by encouraging that the Legislature should provide the legal framework for the anti-corruption war to be sustained. His words: “Permit me to also seize this opportunity to call on the Legislature which provides the legal framework for the anti-corru

PDP targets Ogboru to remain in power in Delta State, APC must act fast by Francis Onyema

"Meanwhile, a reliable source in the PDP has it that the “game plan" of the Okowa loyalists is simply to throw a monkey wrench into the APC party affairs in order to ensure that Cairo Ojougboh, whom the PDP chieftains believe has an axe to grind with his former party, nor Ochei, who's a popular figure in the APC, does not emerge as the APC gubernatorial candidate of Delta State in 2019" -Francis Onyema As the 2019 Elections beckons, the political intrigues are manifesting as the People's Democratic Party (PDP) had orchestrated a plan to consolidate power in Delta State. The plan is simple. The All Progressives Congress (APC) must remain as an opposition party in the state and Chief Great Ovedje Ogboru, the APC governorship aspirant in the state, is the cog of what the PDP political juggernauts describe as “the masterplan". The plan, as designed by the PDP elites, who are diehard supporters of Gov Ifeanyi Okowa, targets Ogboru as the weak link to o

Dododo did a disservice to Ogboru, Ali and Delta State APC by Francis Onyema

“In all these, Dododo accepted the ‘token' given to him, did his ‘mago-mago’ illegitimately and without proficiency; he was finally sacked by the APC NWC. My sympathy goes to his paymasters.” One of the major intrigues of party politics is the jostling for the heart and soul of the party, by well placed party leaders, through a legitimate process of party congresses. It is through the congresses the party executives are elected and, as it is known, party men whose stooges emerge after the congresses determines “who gets what, when and how" within the party. It is against this backdrop that potentials of cooperation and harmony, in most congresses and what seem to be an internal party affairs, are substituted for crass manoeuvrability, disdain politicking and, to sum it all, the illegitimate approaches to the party congresses. These unacceptable strategies were all allegedly employed by the joint forces of Chief Great Ogboru, a foremost APC gubernatorial aspirant