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PDP targets Ogboru to remain in power in Delta State, APC must act fast by Francis Onyema

"Meanwhile, a reliable source in the PDP has it that the “game plan" of the Okowa loyalists is simply to throw a monkey wrench into the APC party affairs in order to ensure that Cairo Ojougboh, whom the PDP chieftains believe has an axe to grind with his former party, nor Ochei, who's a popular figure in the APC, does not emerge as the APC gubernatorial candidate of Delta State in 2019"

-Francis Onyema

As the 2019 Elections beckons, the political intrigues are manifesting as the People's Democratic Party (PDP) had orchestrated a plan to consolidate power in Delta State. The plan is simple. The All Progressives Congress (APC) must remain as an opposition party in the state and Chief Great Ovedje Ogboru, the APC governorship aspirant in the state, is the cog of what the PDP political juggernauts describe as “the masterplan".

The plan, as designed by the PDP elites, who are diehard supporters of Gov Ifeanyi Okowa, targets Ogboru as the weak link to overcome the APC in the 2019 Elections. However, part of the plan is to shut the door to any tangible challenge both at the 2019 polls and at the Elections Petition Tribunal, by especially the APC.

According to a source, who was confident that the plan, if meticulously rolled out, would ensure that the APC continues on the corridors of power in the state, the PDP are “100 percent sure we will defeat Ogboru” in the 2019 Elections.

“We are 100 percent sure we will defeat Ogboru like we have done again and again, in the past,” a PDP chieftain boasted. “But this time, we are not just going to beat Ogboru and the APC at the polls, we will ensure that they do not come to power in the state, through the back door.”

The tactic, as laid down by the PDP,  to ensure that the APC does not come to power through the “back door”, as emphasized by the PDP chieftain, is revealed to be more sacrosanct in the PDP “masterplan".

Meanwhile, a reliable source in the PDP has it that the “game plan" of the Okowa loyalists is simply to throw a monkey wrench into the APC party affairs in order to ensure that Cairo Ojougboh, whom the PDP chieftains believe has an axe to grind with his former party, nor Ochei, who's a popular figure in the APC, does not emerge as the APC gubernatorial candidate of Delta State in 2019.

The PDP strongly favours Chief Great Ogboru to emerge as the APC gubernatorial candidate, with a firm believe Ogboru would be resoundingly defeated like in the past. The fear is that should Cairo emerge, the battle would be fierce, as the Akinowa of Anioma is ready to slug it out with the PDP at any level.

The PDP juggernauts are of the view that it would be a different game if Ojougboh and Ochei are meant to work for the party to deliver Ogboru, stating clearly the energy Ojougboh and Ochei would put in to support Ogboru would be different if either of them was to run as APC gubernatorial candidate.

Meanwhile, with the PDP wary of electoral petitions that may mar their chances of holding on to one of the oil rich states in the Niger Delta, there's a cunning tactic to stop APC in their track - woo Ogboru to sensationally join the PDP after losing in the governorship race.

This plan hinges on a lot factors. First, the PDP juggernauts believes that Ogboru would be very weary to give a good fight at the Tribunals after the elections and would easily jump at a mouthwatering offer to be presented to him. The strength of PDP negotiation, it is believed, lies in the ability of the party to clinch the presidential seat through Alhaji Atiku Abubakar; a Northerner believed to be at par with President Buhari in terms of popularity in the North. With Atiku as president, Ogboru would be offered key role in the PDP government that he would hardly resist.

The PDP chieftain who boasted about the invincibility of the party should Atiku win the presidential race concluded that everything, including the judiciary, would be under control. According to him, “Ogboru would see that there's not a glimmer of hope even in the Elections Petition Tribunal. He would just have to accept whatever offers the PDP top brass have got for him.”

APC must act fast

Given a well articulated ploy of the PDP to remain in power in the state, there's need for the APC to devise a strategy to counter what is unprecedented interference in the party activities by the PDP. As it is known, Gov Okowa is willing to doll out a lot of Dollars to ensure that either of Dr Cairo Ojougboh or Rt. Hon. Victor Ochei do not emerge as APC candidate in the forthcoming elections. These are aspirants who will give nothing to the wicked in a bid to wrestle Delta from the firm grip of mediocrity.

The APC leaders must guard the party activities with a sense of commitment and responsibility to ensure that PDP planted moles are identified and whittled away from the party. This will go along way to suffocate Okowa and his cohorts from achieving their perpetual evil of remaining in power, having failed to deliver the dividends of democracy to Deltans in almost four years.

However, it is paramount that the APC consider to field a strong candidate who knows the PDP gimmick quite well and is committed to the battle to undermine Okowa’s effort to return back to power through the back door.

The leaders of Delta State opposition party, APC, must use their tongues to count their teeth if they must claim the oil rich state for the first time in the forthcoming elections.


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