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Little Success gave Deltans a rallying moment to say enough is enough -Prof Utomi

Prof Pat Utomi  I love the Okowa team. In many ways they make the Scriptures come alive by their conduct. But I will keep how they fulfill God’s intent in their methods, for a later time. Today I want to offer them my gratitude for providing opportunity for our people to better understand Democracy as Government of the people, for the people. If our current state of practice prevents that government from being by the people, it has at least not renounced the claim that is for the people. This is why it is a duty of citizenship to point out what people temporarily charged with Authority to act for the people are not doing well or could do better. They could do it as individuals, like celebrated bloggers, or as Civil Society, or in organized Political Party opposition. We, as Deltans, have been delinquent in this regards and that accounts for governance so poor that Anambra which gets a very small fraction of what comes to Delta from the Federation Account has better schoo

The consent judgement of the Abuja Federal High Court and the iberiberism of Erue-led APC faction by Francis Onyema

Jones Erue  For the purpose of clarity, settlement, in law, is “a compromise or agreement between litigants to settle the matters in dispute between them in order to dispose of and conclude their litigation.” Generally, compromises reached in a law court of competent jurisdiction in the form of consent judgement are known to be binding on all parties to the agreement. In most cases, the consent judgement, as agreed to by the parties involved, prevents the renewal of litigation. Meanwhile, the parties may incorporate the terms of the agreement into a consent judgment, recorded by the court. One of such terms might be to reopen the underlying dispute if the other party fails to fulfill the terms and conditions agreed upon.   Therefore, it is authoritative to state that a consent judgment reached in a competent court of established jurisdiction is not the grand conclusion to a legal battle. A situation where the terms of agreement are breached by either party results to injusti